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The Muscle Recovery Specialists

Clinical Sports Massage|Stretch Therapy|Muscle Rehab|Muscle Therapy|Cupping Therapy


A dedicated team of local Singaporean professional therapists who specialises in their respective expertise to provide clinical, customised and affordable therapy catered to each individual needs.

The Muscle Lab Singapore provides Clinical Sports Massage, Muscle Therapy, Muscle Rehabilitation and Cupping Therapy.

Modalities includes Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Release, Deep Isolated Stretching, Dry Cupping, Fire Cupping & Wet Cupping (Hijama)

Our clinics are located at


City Gate Mall

371 Beach Road

B1-52 & B1-53

Nearest MRT - Nicoll Highway (Yellow Line)


International Plaza

10 Anson Road, 03-25

Nearest MRT - Tanjong Pagar 

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Meet The Founders

Herman Cupinc SG


  • Herman

An avid mountain climber and leader.

Was a personal trainer in 1999 in a now defunct gym, California Fitness, left to pursue a career in the financial sector.

After 18 years in financial sector heading its Operations Department, Herman finally followed his calling, started his entrepreneurial journey by  starting his private therapy clinic at Golden Landmark and now expanded to The Muscle Lab with current business partner Iqbal.

In his free time, Herman participates in motocross riding, marathons, hiking, skate boarding, white water rafting, photography & videography.

Passionate about getting middle age individuals to re-ignite their active lifestyle, have served 200-300 clients monthly since 2019

ISSA - International Sports Sciences Association - 1999 

ACSM- American College of Sports Medicine - 1999 (PT)

UMCCED (UNI Malaya) Sports Massage/Sports Injury 2018

SPA BEKAM AR-RAYYAN (Clinical Cupping Therapy)- 2019

EDUFIT SG - Sports Massage Therapy 2021

Clinical Orthopaedic Manual Therapy 2022

Iqbal Masrawi


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A true healthcare individual at heart.

15 years as a Senior Registered Nurse in one of the major hospitals in Singapore, leading the A&E department.

Master REHAB Trainer | Injury Prevention Specialist,  Orthopaedic massage & manual therapist, who is also a clinical hijama (cupping) practitioner.


Have served more than 3500 clients since 2017.

Trained and specialises in Active Isolated Stretching & Injury Therapy. Iqbal is a firm believer that alternative health treatment compliments western medicine which the community can take advantage of.

Master REHAB Trainer | Injury Prevention Specialist

Active Member of Singapore Nursing Board since 2008

Clinical Cupping/Hijama Practitioner

HVLA Level 1 ( Cervical neck and spine)

Aaron Mattes Active Isolated stretch Therapist

Clinical Orthopaedic Manual Therapist 2022

Faizal in Action - Muscle Therapy (Back)


Alleviate pain, restoring balance to the tissues and improve range of motion. Includes Deep Tissue Massage to affected area, Deep Assisted Stretching and/or Active Isolated Stretching.

Sports Massage Therapy


Supports muscle repair and decrease the risk of injury. Session includes soft tissue manipulation, trigger point massage and active/assisted isolated stretching

Iqbal with Client - Frozen Shoulder


Restore full function to the muscles. Conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, sciatica among others.

Joint mobilization and myofascial decompression may be introduced.

Fire Cupping


Myofascial decompression is an effective modalities to ease and in such cases eradicate pain in an individual.

Dry, Fire & Wet cupping may be used.

Weight Trainer_edited.jpg


 Strengthening your muscles after injury as a part of rehabilitation or to prevent pain. Muscle strengthening is also a good practice for people who have sedentary work and need to strengthen abdominal muscles to relieve lower back pain and help improve posture.


Our Services



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Including our founders, the entire team consists only experienced, certified therapists and practitioners.

With various certifications and years of experience in holistic physical well-being, ranging from Stretch Therapy, Sports Coaching, Clinical Sports Massage, Reflexology, Osteopathy and Prophetic Medicine, we believe our services will provide substantial value and relief to a wide demography for years to come.

Feel free to contact us for any queries.



We'd love to hear from you

Sports Injury


Sports massage therapy has become a sought after skill within the fitness industry. 


It can help anyone - from athletes to occasional gym users, office workers and will need to prevent injuries as much as treat them.


As a Sports Massage Therapist, you can be working with a range of different clients and unique issues.


You will be:

  • Treating injuries, which may be longstanding.

  • Identifying problem areas early.

  • Helping to prevent injuries before they occur

We welcome accredited and certified therapists who have experience or currently practising Swedish Massage, Stretch Therapy, Manual Therapy other than Sports Massage

If you have what it takes to be part of our team, send your CV/resume to us at the link below.

Personal Trainer Stretching Session

Fitness Trainer 

We are looking for accredited fitness instructors to join our organization to implement strength and conditioning programs for our clients.

The fitness instructor is responsible for accurately assessing clients at the start of their journey, compiling reports and improve thier strength, physical well being and reduce injuries. They should be able to assist clients in reaching their goals, and have a passion and drive for health, wellness and fitness with positiveness in every aspect.

Fitness Instructor Responsibilities:

  • Support the development and delivery of programs.

  • Assist clients in reaching individual goals

  • Ensure the safety of clients during training sessions.

  • Conduct pre & post assessment for clients

If you have what it takes to be part of our team, send your CV/resume to us at the link below.

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